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The great packaging products co., LTD is located in zhuhai zhuhai jinwan district red flag industrial zone,Covering an area of about61,000Square meters,Novel modern workshop;The company introduces advanced equipment and technologies from Europe and America,Scientific management and advanced testing instruments,Prosecutors in labor,At the same time cooperate with technical engineering personnel trained quality checks,The whole test。Strive to perfect,Can meet the demand of customers。Zhuhai large-scale packaging products co., LTD., mainly produces all sorts of beverages such as cover and multicolor printing with aluminum alloy metal cover with braille cover and other product sales,At the same time engaged in easy open cover with aluminum coating、Printing processing business。The main products are206RPTAluminium easy open lid、206Aluminum alloy and environmentally friendly easy open lid、209Open type food cover of metal cover。

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Contact usCONTACT US

Zhuhai tripartite confrontation packing products co., LTD

Address:Guangdong zhuhai golden bay hotel on the red flag22Number

A mobile phone:8aa00013676027050

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The phone:8aa00075aa000612999aa000368

Zip code:519090